Optimize Medical Imaging Procedures with Capimize
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with all leading models/ brands of

endoscopy equipment

Capimize Endoscopy is a package software solution specialized for endoscopic procedures.

Capimize has comprehensive functions and answers the most demanding needs related to endoscopy. It is powerful and yet flexible, driven by customers' specifications. The report printout can be customized in a short period of time.

  • Colonoscopy

  • Cystoscopy

  • Gastroscopy

  • Nasoendoscopy

Provides patients with impressive deliverables

    • Systematic patient records and scheduling
    • Data entry with easy autocomplete feature
    • Creates and uses report templates with a simple click
    • Centralized record and filing
    • Reliable data sharing
    • Facilitates multiple backups
    • Print out report, write DVD and USB drive to provide patient with case record
    • Easy image management and annotation
    • Video recording with high compression
    • Notification of recording status with audio (Speech Synthesis) and visual indications
    • Supports high definition video & image capturing and reporting with an option of foot pedal support
      (Definition will be set depending on the circumstances)
    • Natural & intelligible "Speech Synthesis" * able to keep the users updated with all system information during procedures, without reading a word on screen. * "Speech synthesis" is the computer-generated simulation of human speech

Complete an Error-free Report with Capimize in

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